Tuesday, November 5, 2013

EBY Brett Experiment - Bottling and 1st Tasting

Epic Brett Experiment - First Tasting

Warning: this tasting was underwhelming and premature. 

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Two weeks ago, I tasted and bottled five EBY beers (EBY 002, 010, 014, 015, 019). All of the beers were still and had attenuated to <1.008. 

As expected with such a young, uncarbonated Brett beer (4 wks), the tasting was (hopefully) underwhelming and (the beers) premature. The aroma of the 5 beers varied from pleasant green apple (EBY010) to raw sewage (EBY019). Flavor varied from clean and slightly sweet (EBY019) to Belgian-spice and funk (EBY010). Overall though, the 5 samples taken were quite similar and, to be honest, mostly hard to finish. 

Aroma - pleasant green apple smell, floral -- maybe ethyl caprylate? nice phenolic funk.  As it opens up and I get a closer smell there is some butyric and bandaid.

Appearance - straw yellow, slightly murky

Flavor- boring, a little bit of Belgian spice, grainy aftertaste. Some funk flavor as it warms up.

Mouthfeel- dry, but should be good for style. 

Overall - These beers are incomplete, but I have the highest hopes for this beer.

Aroma - raw sewage and phenolics. fairly disgusting.

Appearance - straw yellow, relatively clear

Flavor- Nothing like the nose would suggest. Clean, light and slightly sweet. almost lager-like. no graininess.

Mouthfeel- slightly lower than 010, but still fine for style.

Overall - These beers are incomplete. It's too early to say.

Aroma - Not nasty like 019. More similar to 010, phenolic but nearly overly so. More clove than the fruit as in 010.

Appearance - straw yellow, medium

Flavor- slightly grainy with some simple acidity, tastes like a young Berliner, probably the easiest to drink

Mouthfeel- dry, but should be good for style.

Overall - These beers are incomplete. It's too early to say.

EBY015 (very similar to EBY014)

EBY002 (TBD)

I didn't have enough volume for a full taste of EBY015 or EBY002 before bottling. I'll reserve judgment until the 1 month tasting of bottles on 11/19/13!

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